Sunday, June 21, 2009

Website: Free Fonts Galore

I found this really cute website last night. It's called From what I can gather they make fonts based on people's handwriting...for FREE! You can even send in (scan) your own writing and s/he (I'm not sure if they both do it or just Amanda) will turn it into a font for you. How cool is that? I just downloaded like a gazillion fonts and they are so awesome. My blood pressure goes up just looking at I fantasize about the limitless design possibilities that they evoke in my overly-creative mind. So if you are a font freak like me and are itching to get your hands onto some of these adorable ones just check out the site. It looks like there are links to their other sites, including a photography blog, a personal blog, another site with free scrapbooking fonts, and a recipe blog. (How do people maintain that many sites? I've been wondering that lately; it seems like blogging could easily turn into a full-time job.) Oh, and by the way, this isn't a sales pitch or anything; I stumbled upon this site in my own right and I am recommending it soley because I like it. : )

...aren't computers wonderful (in a frustratingly fantastic way).