Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chick Flicks, Disney Stars and Other Important Things

I am almost scaring myself. I mean, aren't I supposed to be too old to care about lame Disney Channel stars? Obviously...not. I just find Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato to be extremely cute in a fun, innocent sort of way. Especially Selena. Demi is just so-so, and I've kind of given up on Miley; I keep praying for her, though.

Don't get me wrong, I think Disney shows are the lamest thing ever: bad acting, cheesy lines, predictable plots, middle school humor, and gaudy sets. But I do admit to liking a couple of the stars of these shows. If only for their youthful exuberance and the fact that they are not (yet) tainted too much by fame and money. I hope this next generation of Disney starlets stays pure, and just, you know, good. So hard to find these days among any sort of celebrity figure. Of course no one is perfect and Hollywood shouldn't ever really the place to look for role models (although it is), but I keep hoping that cute, bubbly Selena won't turn into the next Britney Spears. The pressure must be so intense; I can't even imagine how hard it must be to even attempt to maintain one's morals and beliefs in that kind of atmosphere.

One thing is certain, though. We need to PRAY for these girls and all celebrities, famous figures, athletes, musicians, and all those in a position to influence and inspire others. Actually, let's just pray for the whole world! There are no limits to God's love and mercy so why not ask for it all? It's the least we can do.

Okay, after you've said a quick prayer for everybody-in-the-world-but-especially-celebrities, check out this video. *Smile* I can't wait for Princess Protection Program! I LOVE girly-girl movies, and I LOVE princess movies. I probably won't see it until I watch it with my own daughters, though, because with a household full of brothers, when we rent a movie it's usually not a princess movie! (You can imagine, I'm sure).

Speaking of movies, I still want to see the Hannah Montana movie. The trailer did look fun. Not a classic, but fun--and clean. And that is saying a lot. It's sad, though, that I have to resort to Disney to watch a clean chick flick. Maybe someday my little sister and I can escape and watch all those girly movies without any males giving us a hard time. Maybe someday we'll make our own awesome chick flicks that don't have all that nasty stuff in them. Sure, we can do it. Anything is possible with God!
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