Monday, July 13, 2009

"Amazing Grass" Giveaway

My latest in great blog discoveries is Oh She Glows. On this site Angela writes with wit and enthusiasm about finding inner and outer health through balanced food, fitness, and fun. And...this is the same woman who started the Green Monster Movement. I just made one of these amazingly-nutritious-and-equally-delicious smoothies this morning and was surprised by how much it filled me up; plus, I felt great all day knowing that I had started with something as wholesome as fruit, spinach, milk, and flax whipped up to perfection in the blender. Mmm! Anyway, TODAY on Oh She Glows Angela is hosting an "Amazing Grass" giveaway! Amazing Grass is this green superfood made from wheatgrass (I think). I am not entirely sure WHAT it is, but it is supposed to be an amazing (haha, no pun intended) Green Monster addition. More nutrition in a healthy 'milkshake'? What's not to love! So I encourage you to head over to this inspiring and motivating blog and throw your name in the hat for today's giveaway. Good luck!